Dr Jia Chen selected for IPCC role

19 April 2024
Dr Jia Chen

Dr Jia Chen will represent ICOS and Germany in the IPCC Scoping Meeting for creating the Special Report on Climate Change and Cities. She will contribute with insights regarding the monitoring of greenhouse gas and air pollutants. 

“I feel honored to have been selected to be a part of such an important meeting and look forward to discuss and work with climate experts from all over the world,” says Jia Chen, Professor at the Technical University of Munich and also leading the Munich team in the ICOS Cities project. 

Jia Chen was nominated to the IPCC expert committee by ICOS and is currently attending the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Cities Scoping Meeting in Riga from 15 April to 19 April.

“I will give input on the monitoring of urban greenhouse gases and air pollutants, sensor networks, atmospheric transport modeling in urban areas, emission inventories and the urban carbon cycle.” 

The IPCC panel is currently preparing a special report on climate change and cities in the IPCC Seventh Assessment cycle (AR7). Jia Chen will attend the meeting as a representative for Germany, and the expected outcomes of this scoping meeting are to define the structure of the special report and list topics for each chapter.