ICOS Cities in French media

21 March 2024
ICOS Cities in media

The city of Paris is at the centre of the ICOS Cities project as one of the pilot cities together with Zurich and Munich. Our local scientists were recently portrayed in media outlets, ranging from TV to radio and press. 

In 2024, ICOS Cities is conducting an intensive measurement campaign in Paris, accompanied by a social survey questionnaire sent to more than 2000 citizens with the aim of measuring attitudes regarding climate action. 

“In March 2024, we also organised a stakeholder workshop with city representatives to ideate tools and services useful for Paris. Further, we recently launched a brand-new open-access repository where we share the full set of greenhouse gas emission data for the city of Paris:  https://citydata.icos-cp.eu. We are now working towards providing near real-time data streams from our pilot cities, including from our new tethered balloon site in Paris  - the Ballon Generali near the Eiffel tower,” says Project Manager Dr Claudio D’onofrio

The greenhouse gas monitoring equipment on the balloon of Paris Generali is located near the Eiffel tower: 

“At the balloon site, our system measures carbon dioxide and methane concentrations, continuously. We measure the vertical profiles from ground up to 150 or 300 meters depending on the flight conditions,” says Dr Michel Ramonet at LSCE, Laboratory for Sciences of Climate and Environment, leading the ICOS Cities project team in Paris.

A summary of the media coverage

Click the links below to access the media coverage. Please note that the coverage is in French.


BFM Paris Ile-de-France 10/03/2024: 
VIEW VIDEO: Le ballon Generali va mesurer les gaz à effet de serre

BFM ICOS Cities media coverage


France 3 Ile-de-France 10/03/2024: 
VIEW VIDEO: Climat : mesurer les gaz à effet de serre

ICOS Cities France 3


France Bleu 11/03/2024: 
LISTEN: Le ballon Generali, le ballon de Paris

France Inter 09/03/2024:
LISTEN: La mesure de la qualité de l'air en région parisienne s’intensifie

France Info 08/03/2024:
LISTEN: Le ballon Generali continue de trôner


Press, print or web

Le Parisien 08/03/2024:
À Paris, un « supercapteur » de gaz effets de serre embarqué sur le ballon Generali 
Le Parisien

AEF Info 11/03/2024:
Les émissions de gaz à effet de serre parisiennes précisées grâce aux mesures du ballon Generali 

Actu.fr 08/03/2024:
"Une première mondiale" : le ballon Generali va mesurer les gaz à effet de serre de Paris 

Première Heure d’IDF 12/03/24:
Climat : Le Ballon Generali va mesurer les gaz à effet de serre de la Capitale
Premiere heure

Usine Nouvelle 11/03/24:
Des chercheurs équipent un ballon captif pour mesurer les gaz à effet de serre dans l'air parisien

L'usine nouvelle