ICOS to take part in WMO-led workshop preparing the implementation of the future Global Greenhouse Gas Watch

29 September 2023

On 3-5 October 2023, ICOS will participate in a WMO-led workshop to prepare the implementation of the future Global Greenhouse Gas Watch. Entitled "Observations within the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch", the workshop focuses on developing guidance from and to Member countries and partner organizations regarding the comprehensive, integrated observing system that would support the implementation of the upcoming global infrastructure. ICOS will be represented at five oral sessions and four poster sessions.


The workshop is free and open to all to attend. No registration is required.
More info https://community.wmo.int/en/meetings/observations-within-global-greenhouse-gas-watch


Presentations (accessible via Zoom)


Tuesday 3.10 9:30-9:45 CEST
Requirements for observations from the modelling perspective
by Alex Vermeulen, Director of ICOS Carbon Portal


Tuesday 3.10 10:00-10:15 CEST
Lessons learned from establishing a surface ocean observing system (ICOS OCE-MSA) and Gap analysis for the ocean domain
by Meike Becker, Principal Investigator of the ICOS SOOP stations Tukuma Arctica and Nuka Arctica


Tuesday 3.10 14:30-14:45 CEST
Cross-domain integration of in situ observations
by Werner Kutsch, ICOS Director General


Wednesday 4.10 9:45-9:55 CEST
Uncertainty and traceability of eddy covariance flux measurements for a global network
by Nicola Arriga, Principal Investigator of the ICOS station San Rossore 2


Wednesday 4.10 9:55-10:05 CEST
The ICOS Quality Control system for atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements - components and results
by Armin Jordan, Head of ICOS Flask and Calibration Laboratory


Wednesday 4.10 13:50-14:05 CEST
ICOS open data and service provision to scientific and policy users
by Alex Vermeulen, Director of ICOS Carbon Portal


Thursday 5.10 9:15-9:30 CEST
Innovation in observations and emerging observational capabilities
Lukas Emmenegge, Personal Investigator if the ICOS station Jungfraujoch



Poster sessions where ICOS products/insights are featured


Tuesday 3.10

The ecosystem flux measurements in ICOS and FLUXNET and their contribution to the WMO GGGW initiative
by Giacomo Nicolini, researcher at the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change


The experience of the Integrated Carbon Observation System - Atmosphere (ICOS-ATM) Monitoring Station Assembly (MSA): description of activities and lessons learned
by Dagmar Kubistin, Head of the trace gas department and of the Atmospheric ICOs Germany group


The benefits of co-ordinated high-precision global radiocarbon observations in atmospheric CO2
by Samuel Hammer, Head of the ICOS Central Radiocarbon Laboratory


German atmospheric ICOS stations – A network inside the network
by Matthias Lindauer, Principal investigator of nine ICOS stations in Germany


Experiences from the ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre relevant to the WMO GHG watch programme
by Richard Sanders, Director of the ICOS Ocean Thematic Center


Planning for the Ocean Component of the GHG watch system
by Richard Sanders, Director of the ICOS Ocean Thematic Center


Coupled Ocean CO2 observations – The Baltic Sea case
by Henry Bittigreseacher on the ICOS SOOP station Finnmaid


International inter-comparisons of surface ocean pCO2 instrumentation –implications for a Global Greenhouse Gas Watch
Tobias Steinhoff,
Principal Investigator of the ICOS SOOP station Atlantic Sail as well as co-Principal Investigator of the ICOS Cape Verde Ocean Observatory


Using EO data for sea surface pCO2 estimation, results from the Baltic Sea, 
by Anna Rutgersson, Principal investigator
of the ICOS station Östergarnsholm