the 1st International Meeting on the Gas Phase in Plants

11 September 2023 to 14 May 2023

The organisers are pleased to announce the 1st International Meeting on the Gas Phase in Plants, which will take place at the Hyytiälä research station in Finland from11 until 14 September 2023. Because gases are involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, transport, stress response mechanisms, as well as biotic and abiotic interactions, we are convinced that a meeting that will focus on the gas phase in plants will be a highly exciting interdisciplinary event, bringing together a wide range of scientists. You might be surprised to find out that gasses-related topics in plants have more in common than one would have thought.

The following five sessions have been identified, for which we welcome oral presentations and posters: 
1. Gases in leaves (including photosynthesis and respiration)
2. Gases in stems (including embolism formation)
3. Gases in roots
4. Methane and VOCs in plants
5. The role of the microbiome in gas-plant interactions

For more information and registration details, please see the link to the meeting website below.

The website also includes detailed information about transport from the airport to the Hyytiälä station. The registration deadline is 15 June 2023. The meeting includes the famous Boreal Dinner, an excursion to the SMEAR II station, saunas, the Kota (BBQ in the evening), etc. The local organising team from the University of Helsinki includes Teemu Hölttä, Timo Vesala, Stephen Ingram, and Paulina Dukat, and the scientific committee includes Jochen Schenk and Steven Jansen as additional members.