Geoscience day 2022: Carbon Farming and Climate Change

18 November 2022 to 29 November 2022

29.11.2022, 9.00–13.30 
Helsinki Central Library Oodi 
Töölönlahdenkatu 4, 00100
Helsinki, Finland

Carbon Farming is a new way of farming where changes in agricultural practices allow to increase the amount of carbon in the soil – carbon that otherwise ends up as CO2 in the atmosphere causing climate change. It is one of the key ways the food supply system can contribute to tackling the climate crisis, and help the EU and its member countries to reach their 2050 carbon neutrality goal.

What are the possibilities of Carbon Farming? What kind of methods are possible or already in use, and what does science say about their effectiveness? Join the Geoscience Day in Helsinki, Finland to hear all about these questions and discuss them with experts. There will be light lunch and coffee/tea service available for registered participants free of charge. 

The speakers of the event include experts from the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Carbon Action platform, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

See the whole programme and register here. 

Geoscience Days are an initiative of the European Geosciences Union. They are organized around Europe and aim to raise awareness of the Earth, planetary and space sciences to students, the wider public and national policymakers. This edition of the Geoscience Day is organized in partnership with the Integrated Carbon Observation system (ICOS) and the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

More information about Geoscience Days available here.