#ResearchersAtWork: share images of your workday as an ICOS scientist

25 July 2022
Cover photo: the Belgian ship of opportunity and ICOS Ocean station "Simon Stevin" / image by Konsta Punkka

What does the daily work life of a climate researcher look like? From field to desk, the human input behind the production of ICOS data is considerable but often little known. With the campaign #ResearchersAtWork, ICOS researchers are encouraged to highlight their everyday tasks via the ICOS social media accounts.

The everyday reality of greenhouse gas research is far from monotonous: daily workplaces might vary from the summit of a snowy mountain in Switzerland to the windy deck of a ship in the Barents Sea or a tiny platform of a 65 meters-high measuring tower in the middle of a German spruce forest. Daily tasks can range from installing a new measuring instrument in a mosquito-infested bog to painstakingly manually checking the week’s data harvest on a computer in an overheated small office crammed with instruments.  

With #ResearchersAtWork, ICOS wants to provide any researcher part of our network the opportunity to showcase their everyday work on social media platforms to a large audience. The aim is to make climate-related science more accessible and more concrete to the general public. This “self-generated” content may be very diverse: it could be an amazing photo of a landscape, an instrument in use, a group portrait in an office, a screenshot of lines of Python code, or even an image of a researcher’s arms eaten by mosquitoes after a day in the field. All the images should be accompanied by a very short, descriptive text.

The submission process is pretty simple: researchers working at a station in the ICOS network are encouraged to use their phones to film or photograph parts of their day: it can be beautiful, it can be informative, it can be humorous… or all of the above. The author should write a few words to give a bit of context for their images and send everything to the ICOS Communication team (email below). After a quick review, the content will be posted on ICOS Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Questions or requests can be sent directly to the ICOS Communications team icos-comms@icos-ri.eu

Cover photo: the Belgian ship of opportunity and ICOS Ocean station "Simon Stevin" / image by Konsta Punkka