Station labelling process

All the stations have to go through the demanding standardisation and quality control programme of ICOS, in order to meet the high standards and to receive the label for standardised greenhouse gas measurement station. The station labelling is an integrate process for final implementation of ICOS standards and compliance check for the stations.

As in 2020, altogether 50 ICOS measurement stations out of 140 have been standardised for greenhouse gas measurements.

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Benefits of ICOS labelling for the stations and their staff

  • ICOS stations will take part in the latest developments of cutting-edge greenhouse gas measurement techniques and updated data processing routines, which reduces the amount of work at the stations once they are labelled.
  • ICOS stations will get substantial technical support for station operations in order to assure data qual-ity. ICOS stations’ staff will be involved in training activities organized by the Thematic Centres and Carbon Portal on the best and most updated prac-tices for data acquisition and data use.
  • The standardisation of the measurements and harmonized data processing, quality control and archiving are guaranteed through the Thematic Centres and the Carbon Portal data services to will ensure the highest quality, comparability and credibility for the data.
  • The provision of elaborated data products, such as advanced visualizations and flux maps in time and space, will increase the impact of the data.
  • ICOS will provide support through contacts with equipment manufacturers and negotiates group prices for official ICOS stations.
  • The global visibility of ICOS stations will increase due to the high-quality data provided and the large number of users. This will also have a strong positive effect on the host institution in terms of attractiveness.
  • ICOS stations’ data use will be professionally tracked and cited in peer-reviewed articles, which will increase the visibility of the station’s staff and institution.
  • ICOS stations will get support from the Head Office in searching for funding opportunities at the national and international levels using the well-developed ICOS brand in supporting proposals.