ICOS release 2020-1 of Level 2 Ecosystem data

ICOS Research Infrastructure. (2020). Ecosystem eddy covariance final quality (L2) flux product in ETC-Archive format - release 2020-1 (Version 1.0). ICOS ERIC - Carbon Portal. https://doi.org/10.18160/ABWE-HMV4

NEW! (release 17 July 2020)

This is the 2020-1 release of the ICOS final quality data product for eddy covariance fluxes and meteorological observations at sixteen labelled ICOS stations in the ecosystem domain. The archives contain more detailed description of the different data files contained in the archives. Measurements have been collected using the following instructions:

Download the complete dataset (385 MB zip-file)

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Data licence: CC4BY CC4BY

Net Ecosystem Exchange Preview

Station height 1
ICOS Ecosystem station network