Global CO2 gridded flux fields from 14 atmospheric inversions in GCB2023

In this file, we include the data from the GCB2023 inversions on 1x1 degrees latitude-longitude. The variables include the prior and posterior land biosphere and ocean carbon fluxes. The land biosphere fluxes have been adjusted to a common fossil fuel emissions dataset (land_flux_only_fossil_cement_adjusted). This allows the inverse estimates to be compared to each other within this ensemble. In this case, we apply a fossil fuel and cement adjustment to account for minor remaining differences to GridFED v2023_1 (this GridFED version includes emissions from cement production and a sink from cement carbonation). For a comparison with bottom-up estimates, further adjustments need to be made, for the lateral fluxes, specifically rivers. In contrast to the version of this file in GCB2022, we do not provide the lateral adjusted inverse estimates, since different lateral flux data sets are available and it depends on the use which lateral adjustment would be applied. We do provide data to make this adjustment for 2 specific datasets for land and ocean: - Lateral river flux adjustment on land as provided by Ronny Lauerwald (The file is based on GlobalNEWS2 for organic C and the weathering CO2 sink after Hartmann et al. 2009 as used in Zscheischler et al 2017. But in this version, the organic C loads after GlobalNEWS are twice rescaled: 1) to the latitudinal pattern from Resplandy et al. (2018 NatGeo) and 2) to a synthesis of global estimates of organic C exports of about 500 Tg C/yr (for this you could for the time being cite Regnier et al. 2013, Nat Geo).). - River adjustment for the oceans from Lacroix et al, as used in RECCAP2.

Luijkx, I.T., Chevallier, F., Roedenbeck, C., Niwa, Y., Liu, J., Feng, L., Palmer, P.I., Bowman, K., Peters, W., Tian, X., Piao, S., Zheng, B., Lloret, Z., Cozic, A., Jacobson, A.R., Yun, J., Byrne, B., Bloom, A., Jin, Z., Wang, Y., Zhang, H., Zhao, M., Wang, T., Ding, J., Liu, Z., Jiang, F., Ju, W., Yang, D., Chandra, N., Patra, P., 2024. Global CO2 gridded flux fields from 14 atmospheric inversions in GCB2023.
Inversion result for the optimised land surface fluxes for September 2022