About STILT Footprint tool

This is an online tool to analyse potential contributions of natural fluxes and anthropogenic emissions to the atmospheric CO2 concentrations at a selection of ICOS atmospheric stations. The tool has two active parts: The STILT on demand calculator and STILT results visualisation. The ‘on-demand calculator’ allows you to run the simulation tool for any point within Europe and add the results to the data-list available in the STILT results visualisation for visualization. The STILT results visualisation visualizes the foot print calculations. There is already a number of simulations available in the viewer for several ICOS measurement towers. You can go direct to the viewer to see examples of the footprint tool.

Background information

The current model framework consists of the Lagrangian transport model STILT (Stochastic Time Inverted Lagrangian Transport; Lin et al., 2003) together with emission-sector and fuel-type specific emissions from a pre-release of the EDGARv4.3 inventory (EC-JRC/PBL, 2015) and biospheric fluxes from the diagnostic biosphere model VPRM (Vegetation Photosynthesis and Respiration Model; Mahadevan et al., 2008). The model framework has been developed at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry and is implemented as a web-based service at the Carbon Portal.

Data from the World Data Center for Greenhouse Gases (WDCGG) are included for comparison. ICOS measurement data will be added as they become available.


How to use STILT results visualisation

How to start a STILT simulation with the on demand calculator