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Registration and abstract submission to the IG3IS/TRANSCOM workshop

This combined IG3IS/TRANSCOM workshop will be held in Lund, Sweden from 17-20 September 2018. The venue will be:

Geocenter II
Sölvegatan 12
22362 Lund, Sweden

The workshop is sponsored by WMO GAW and ICOS, it is dedicated to the use of atmospheric measurements to improve the quantification and understanding of greenhouse gas fluxes. Like in previous TRANSCOM meetings, its covers the full scope of methods and applications, including the use of various types of measurements (global & regional networks, aircrafts, satellites, isotopes, etc.), and different methods (flux inversion, CCDAS, FFDAS, etc.) to constrain fluxes and processes (land biosphere, ocean, fossil) at scales ranging from global tot local. The meeting will provide ample opportunity to discuss new developments, remaining bottlenecks, and how to take advantage of international cooperation and coordinated joint activities to support progress. The meeting will provide an overview of various ongoing activities and provides the opportunity to discuss or even initiate something new.

This meeting is special in that it is co-organized, and sponsored, by WMO-IG3IS to kick off and discuss the so called 'cross cutting activity' of the IG3IS implementation plan. An important aim of IG3IS is to support the use of inverse modelling techniques to improve the national emission estimates that are reported to the UNFCCC, to ensure that these estimates are consistent with what is observed in the atmosphere. The cross cutting activity is meant to support the development of the techniques, their application to the various scales relevant for emission reporting, the definition of "good practice" approaches, and benchmarking methods. Many of these aspects are of scientific interest and relevance, in particular the need to move to higher resolution national and urban scale emission estimation, extending of scope of previous TRANSCOM meetings. It also follows the week after the ICOS Science conference in Prague, thus allowing our overseas travellers that would like to combine these two meetings to reduce travel to/from Europe.

Moreover, the meeting will follow the tradition and spirit of previous meetings, with plenty opportunity to meet new people in an enjoyable informal atmosphere.

At registering , if you would like to present at the meeting, please have a short abstract ready (<500 words) that can be submitted as plain text or word/pdf document. Depending on the number of presentations submitted we will decide on the best schedule to accommodate all, using posters and plenary or parallel oral sessions.

Travel and accomodation

Travel and accomodation information can be found on our Visit Carbon Portal page

Preliminary Agenda

Monday 17 SEP (13:00-18:00)
- Welcome: Aim of the meeting
- Global inversions: the use of new inversion methods, datasets, transport models, and findings about GHG fluxes
- Joint activities: currently running and potential new inter-comparison experiments and role of IG3IS

Tuesday 18 SEP (09:00-14:00)
- Regional inversions: flux resolving power, boundary conditions, consistency with global inversions
- National and urban scale inversions
- Quality assessment & Benchmarking
afternoon: Social event (sea kayaking or mountain biking at Kullaberg, or similar; at your own cost)

Wednesday 19 SEP (09:00-18:00)
- (chemistry) transport model uncertainty: methods, use of diagnostic tracers
- Inversion methodology: optimization methods, specification of information and constraints
- General Discussion (open for suggestions + IG3IS 'cross cutting activity')
evening: Meeting dinner

Thursday 20 SEP (09:00-12:00)
- Link to other activities: Projects, WMO-GAW, IGAC-AMIGO, GCP, etc.
- Future meetings and joint activities

Please REGISTER and submit your abstract by using the form below

The registration deadline has been extended until 14 May 2018 for latecomers