Please note that the current website is under construction and only contains some examples.

We will add much more results from other model systems and projects in the course of 2016 and welcome contributions from other model teams. Contact:

Shopping cart system

The Carbon Portal data services is planned to use a shopping cart system - just like a web shop - but all data is free. You start by doing a search, and then put the data sets you like into the shopping cart. From there, you can then visualize or download all or part of the data set contents.


To help you to explore our data product catalog, we will develop a Data Search page that quickly scans the metadata database. This part is still under construction. As an example the use of a graphical interface to search, find, select and access data, we demonstrate the use of WMO GAW WDCGG data.


A picture says more than 1000 words - so we understand you want to look at the data of interest! Different types of data require different tools to visualize them, so we will develop several interactive tools for showing both time series and raster data.

You are welcome to follow our ongoing work process with visualization here.


When you have identified the data that are of interest, you simply create a download request and the data will be made available to you. Note that you need to accept our Data policy and Data licensing agreements first.