IG3IS -Transcom workshop and IG3IS science team Meeting

The 2nd IG3IS-Transcom workshop and IG3IS science team Meeting will be held in Paris, France at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris from 15-18 October 2019.

The Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System (IG3IS), spearheaded by the World Meteorological Organization’s Global Atmosphere Watch programme, is moving towards a broader implementation, following the approval of its Science Implementation Plan by the WMO Executive Council in June 2018, and building on the outcomes of its first Symposium and User Summit in November 2018. 

IG3IS combines atmospheric GHG concentration measurements with human-activity data in a modelling and analysis framework to help decision-makers take better-informed action to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants that reduce air quality. It also strives to establish common methods and protocols to ensure the consistency on the products and services delivered at different temporal and spatial scales.    

The IG3IS science implementation plan includes the Inverse Modelling Crosscut Activity in support of the development and use of inverse modelling for emission estimates and to ensure that these estimates are reliable and consistent representations of what is observed in the atmosphere. Such consistency will be established through the series of the benchmarking exercise following the recommendations of the first workshop  in Lund, Sweden.

The event will embrace two main activities:

  1. The second WMO  IG3IS -TRANSCOM Inverse Modelling Workshop: The objectives of the meeting include the finalization of the definition and begin the implementation of benchmarking experiments. (15-16 October 2019)
  2. IG3IS  Science Team Meeting (including half-day for Executive Session).  (17-18 October 2019)


Registration and abstract submission for these meetings is open until 20th August  2019 here
In case you need travel support regarding your participation for these meetings, please submit the application form before the 8th July. Any request after this date may not be contemplated due to WMO financial procedures and regulations.    

If you need more information, please contact Mario Peiró (mpespi@wmo.int) in the IG3IS Office. Also, please visit the IG3IS webpage for the latest news and updates.