About Carbon Portal

The ICOS Carbon Portal is and always will be changing. We are constantly further developing our services and try to listen our users and contributors to fulfil their needs and wishes. We are following the international developments in FAIR data management to build interoperable systems and make ICOS data free available in a transparent way.

The basic design principle of the Carbon Portal is to use linked open data, semantic web ontology, scalable and containerized services, all based on open source software and sharing all code. Follow our developments through github

The ICOS Carbon Portal is located at the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University in Sweden and with two co-workers at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. See the list of the team behind ICOS Carbon Portal. Here you can find information on how to find us in Lund.

We are involved in several international projects. You can keep an eye on News and Events for developments both inside and outside the Carbon Portal. Publications, like reports, poster presentations and newsletters can be found under CP documents

Some general questions and answers regarding the downloading and use of data are listed on the FAQ page. We would like to hear your opinion as well: Please provide us your comments or any other feedback